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Gayle Selden

Store Founder and namesake Ed Selden first went into the floor coverings business in 1959, and the company became an important part of the decade-long boom in new housing construction that Lakewood enjoyed during the 1960's.

The early 1970's were punctuated by the Watergate scandal, the first “gas crisis” and a prolonged downturn in the U.S. economy. This was a time that saw many home construction-related businesses close up shop. We, too, had our share of challenges back then, and we had to close our 2nd store location in Auburn. Fortunately, with solid community support and great “word of mouth”, we pulled through the decade and into the 1980's.

Ed’s son Rick joined the firm in 1969, and he learned the business from the ground-up. In the early 1980's Ed encouraged Rick to become actively involved in the management of the company, and Rick became company President upon Ed’s retirement in 1986.

By this time the “do it yourself” home-improvement industry was starting to take off, and Rick responded by broadening our product offerings to include fashionable, quality materials for residential customers as well as our commercial clients.

In 1998 Rick’s daughter Gayle joined the company, and shortly thereafter we became affiliated with Carpet One. Our association with Carpet One brings us the buying power it takes to bring you the top brands at low everyday prices.

Today, as we begin our 50th year, Ed Selden Carpet One is your local home for fine floor coverings, counters, window solutions and service that stands behind every sale. Bring your family in to meet our family and let’s work together to get you the beautiful home you deserve.

Rick started working for the Company in the summers while he went to high school and college. Doing grunt work, Rick learned the business from the floor up. After graduation from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Business Administration, Rick joined the Company full time in 1969. Working along side his father Ed, Rick learned some good business lessons such as . . . "every job is as important as the next - regardless of size.", be honest with your employees, customers and suppliers, without them you don't have a business".

Rick has a long list of community involvement first with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Lakewood Rotary - serving as its President in 1990-91. In 1986 Rick began the process of buying the business from Ed and as they say the rest is history. Rick is very proud that the business is part of the Lakewood community and that Gayle will continue the legacy.


Gayle joined the firm in 1998 months after graduating from Whitman College with a degree in Politics and Environmental Studies. She joined in a temporary setting just to help her father out with tasks like purchasing a new computer system. Then she became the truck driver when the position vacated. She became the liaison with the company and the partnership of the buying group of Carpet One. Soon she headed up the advertising campaigns and started sales. And she finally accepted this was her niche and that Ed Selden Carpet One was where she was meant to be all along.

In 2008, she signed paperwork to purchase the business from her father. She knows her Grandfather Ed would be pleasantly surprised to see his granddaughter running the shop.

You often find Gayle volunteering in the community with the Junior League of Tacoma, Lakewood Rotary (she is the first third generation Lakewood Rotarian) or the Chamber of Commerce. She also enjoys traveling and being the most fun Aunt in the world.